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Fryatt Valley (Jasper National Park)

Fryatt and Lick Creek Valleys in Jasper National Park

Trail Conditions

Hi Everyone,
This last weekend I went on a trip with a friend scrambling around the Lick Creek Valley (West of the Fryatt Valley) in Jasper National Park. Most relevant to hikers, the trail to the Sydney Vallance Hut is in fabulous shape with recent maintenance having removed all off the deadfall and most of the encroaching brush that was plaguing the trail earlier this summer (this should be quite nice for skiers planning on reaching the hut in the coming winter!). Fall colors are still out in abundance and the hut itself is certainly a welcome oasis as we move closer to winter.

We encountered persistent lingering snow patches from around 2600 m and upwards on all aspects (much lower on shady north aspects). Overnight snowfall coated lower terrain down to around 2000m that would be baked off of solar aspects by the afternoon sun. Also to note, the small glacier beneath the Olympus/"Kleodora" col has several sizable crevasses that are slightly hidden by recent snowfall.
Happy Trails,
Ben Nearingburg

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