Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

Guided a 5 day backpack with YMA from July 2-6 from Mosquito creek to Skoki.
After getting stormed in July 3 at Mo5 we continued over Molar pass the next morning. Most of snow that accumulated the day before had already melted and the pass was a little soggy but snow free. Folks coming from Fish lakes reported thigh deep snow on north Molar pass.

The trail from Molar pass to Mo16 becomes ambiguous at best and requires some good Navigation skills. Many easy but wet creek crossings are required to reach the campsite.

From Mo16 to the Pipestone river the trail remained challenging , sometimes disappearing underwater. The Pipestone river has no bridge but there is a passable ford aprox 100m downstream from the warden cabin (knee deep).

The trail from the Pipestone to Sk18 is becoming overgrown and could use some hedge trimmers if not a chain saw.

From Sk18 to the trail head the trail is well loved, maintained, in great condition and beautiful.

The Molar mountain area offers some amazing vistas and a true secluded wilderness experience, however it can be very strenuous and requires some good route finding and river crossing techniques.

Happy Hiking
Derek E-L,

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