Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

On April 18,19, Andrew McNab and I skied from 42km on the North Bannock Road to the Shannon Creek FSR. The North Bannock Road is rugged and requires a high clearance vehicle, Shannon Creek is in good shape.

Cool temperatures made for excellent travel conditions throughout the Valhallas. Recent storm snow values increased as we proceeded north in the range. Below 2400m on south aspects we encountered melt freeze conditions, above that, it was a breakable crust. On north aspects we encountered nice settled powder skiing to 2000m, below that, it was variable spring skiing.

There was limited avalanche activity, with the exception of one recent size two storm slab on the north face of Mt Meers, most activity was limited to last week’s warming event. Glide cracks and slabs were yawning or had released last weekend or previously.

Low elevation solar slopes were a bit lean, however travel was reasonable—there’s about 1m HS at 1700m on those aspects..

Enjoy the spring!

Conor Hurley

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