Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

I just finished a week at Fairy Meadows with fellow guides Will Woods and Kyle Chartrand, April 13-20th.

Tuesday, April 16th brought 20-40cm HST with little wind.

Seasonally cold temps and clear skies prevailed for the second half of the week allowing for some excellent spring skiing in the alpine.

Our main avalanche concern was wind slab in the high alpine and loose wet on solar aspects below 2400m with daytime warming.

Snow coverage on the glaciers ranged from 200cm to 320+. There are lots of open crevasses and sags visible on all the glaciers. We roped up for glacier travel more than on previous years trips.

Excellent travel conditions allowed us to visit Sentiel pk, Pioneer pk, Pioneer Pass, Enterprise pk, Echo Glacier, shoestring Glacier and various runs on the Grantie glacier.

Cold snow on north aspects down to 2000m today when we flew out. It is still winter up high in the Selkirks! Get out and enjoy the last days of winter.

Ian Kirschner
ACMG Ski Guide

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