Climbing Conditions

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Excellent Conditions

Frendo Spur - Aiguille Du Midi

Climbing Conditions

Spring has arrived quickly in the French Alps. From April 16th to the 23rd a high pressure has brought very warm temps, clear skies and very little wind. Valley bottom daytime highs reached 25c most days. Only direct north facing aspects at upper elevations are holding cold dry snow. Avalanche hazard has been forecasted considerable to high in the afternoon due to daytime heating but we have not witnessed any natural activity. Everything imaginable is getting skied on all aspects. Most parties are starting very early to beat the heat.

Alpine climbing conditions on the north faces have been excellent. Lots of ice and firm neve from a snowy winter here this season. We found supportive snow, and fresh alpine ice on the Frendo Spur April 22nd.

With above average snowfall amounts this past winter i keep hearing it’s a good Spring in the Alps this year.

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