Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

Spent a very nice day out skiing up Emerald peak via south ridge and down the slide path. Mostly sunny with Temperatures around -5 deg C up into the alpine with minimal wind.

Fast travel up the summer trail towards Hamilton lake. We picked up the south ridge just above the lake negotiating pockets of occasional soft slab over the November 5th Joe Biden rain crust which was not reactive to skier traffic.

We kept our skis on all the way up to the notch between the two summits by skirting around the lower rock band on the east side then bypassing the first summit block on the west side.

We skied from the notch just below the second summit down to the upper part of the slide path joining it about 50 m below the col. Good coverage for this early in the season with just a touch of wind effect and good ski quality with no signs of instability. The main path skied well all the way to the bench where we skied down the left slide path avoiding what would have been very bushy "skiing" off the bench down the main path.

Good day out in great company and no other skiers around.


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