Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

With the recent storms seeming to have caked the alpine, curiosity took over and we went up for a look in the alpine today around mt fee.
Snow level roughly starts at 1300m throughout the sea to sky with skin-able conditions through the trees but not the best conditions for downhill sliding through the forest.
Snow depths increase to about 60cm of settled snow at 1600m and increases to a max depth of 140cm in the alpine. Snow surface is a mix of cold snow, sun crust and sastrugi in exposed areas.
Over the course of the day we observed loose wet slides to sz2 on solar aspects and had moderate E winds at ridgeline that were creating windslabs on west faces. My partner ski cut a sz1.5 soft windslab on our last run.
While the snowpack is generally well settled and rides well in sheltered areas, there's plenty of shallow spots and sharks lurking under the surface.
The possibility for turns exist for the motivated but check your speed and pick your lines wisely, as a crash or slide in the wrong place could be very ugly.

Great to be in the alpine on a gorgeous day for the start (hopefully) of a long season.

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