Avalanche Conditions

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Early Season Conditions

Kees & Claire Hut

Avalanche Conditions

Recent (Dec 11-13) two night trip into the Kees & Claire Hut. Logistically challenging travel to and from the hut via the ski resort with these low-snow conditions, limiting access points in and out of the resort.

Once in the Musical Bumps, ski quality improves significantly in areas with smooth ground cover. Snowpack depths range considerably, but were 80-130cm in areas skied.

We had approx 20cm Wednesday (12/11) overnight, accompanied by moderate to strong SW winds, creating soft slab at ridgetop. Settlements felt at all elevations, no natural avalanches observed on 12/11 or 12/12.

Test profile was dug on 12/12 at 1850m NW aspect. Depth of snowpack was 130cm. Easy to moderate resistant planar shears observed in the new storm snow down 30cm, and moderate to hard planar shears down 80cm in facets.

Ski quality was good to excellent where coverage was adequate.

On way back to resort on 12/13 we observed a previous (12/12) skier-triggered avalanche off Oboe. Looked to be approx 100m wide by 75m long. One pocket looked to have released sympathetically. Suspect facet interface.

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