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Duffy Conditions

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Ski Conditions

Spent the day in the Duffy near the Exidoor/Honey Bronzed region on the Baldwin map. HS ranged from 120cms at lower elevations to 225cms in a wind loaded alpine bowl at 2200m. Overall coverage is beyond excellent for this time of year. Clouds rose from the valley bottom to at least 2400m creating a fair bit of greenhouse effect on the snow with pin balling and tree bombs galore. Ski quality remained good in locations where the surface was not hammered by these aforementioned events. A thin zipper crust was present at most elevations but did not reduce ski quality. Talus alpine locations are still a bit hit and miss for full coverage but very skiable. Snow pits showed a very homogeneous snowpack down 135cms to the old surface/crust. One result was CTH 23 BRK down 45 on an old wind interface. Minimal avalanche activity from the recent storms, at least nothing of any significant note.

Now this is all going to change with the pineapple but at least the photos might help with coverage for now

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