Avalanche Conditions

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Avalanche Conditions

Spent 3 days camped by Rohr Lake on the Duffey Lake Road (December 20-22) with ACMG guide Dan Robb. Skied around the lake and in the Marriot Basin. Cold nights and clear sunny days

Strong outflow winds were observed from the North. Recent storm snow has been widely redistributed in the alpine. Windslabs and wind-effected snow were observed 1800 m and above. In some areas surface snow was stripped down to the Dec 15 crust. We observed one Sz 1.5-2 windlab out of a steep rocky start zone (past 48hrs) and there were some loose dry size 1 running on the Dec 15th crust (with solar input), all on south aspects where the crust is most prominent. Otherwise minimal avalanche observations.

About 190 cm of snow at treeline.

Below treeline there is plenty of good skiing to be had, argw pprox 50-60 cms of well settled HST overlies Dec 15 melt-freeze crust. This snow was found to be settling out rapidly. Found a hard sudden planar shear on the Facets on Dec 15 interface. Some facetting observed in the late November crust but producing no significant results.

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