Avalanche Conditions

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Avalanche Conditions

Spent the weekend winter camping at the upper Joffre lake and climbed Mount Taylor on today (Sunday) from the Tzil-Taylor Col.

10cm of snow fell in the last 48hours with freezing levels today rising from 1600m yesterday to 1900m. Winds were strong in the alpine both days and lots of transport occurring. Yesterday (Saturday) windslabs were forming on the surface of most lee aspects above treeline.

These windslabs were only 5-10cm thick and not large or dense enough yet to propagate but were very sensitive underfoot (CTE SP) where we traveled. However, with the recent snow and wind, or in areas with more loading, I'd expect some of these windslabs to be reactive to skier traffic in lee features. Possibly up to size 2.5.

The mid pack is well settled with dense rounds. Did not dig to the deeper Jan 06th layer.
Lots of evidence of the avalanche cycle from last weekend with crowns filling in but still appeared to have been 1-1.5m deep.

Still some good skiing above 1900m in sheltered areas.

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