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Duffey Lake Road

Steep Creek

Ski Conditions

Skied up in the Steep Creek area on the Duffey Lake Road with limited visibility today. Strong gusty WNW winds distributing 30cm of storm snow into very soft slab to wind slab in area observed. Upper snowpack is slightly upside down with variable density changes within the storm snow. The interface with last weeks variable surfaces is down 40-60cm. The mid and lower snowpack appear to be well consolidated. The November crust is down 80-140cm.
Below Treeline snowpack depths taper to 75cm at 1250m on the highway and the new unconsolidated snow just hiding hazards below. It's still very 'early season' conditions at lower elevations.
Profile site at the top of Path 56, NW aspect, 2000m, -5.5, Foot Penetration was 50cm. We found easy to moderate results in density changes within the storm snow. The most significant result was Compression Test Hard 23 Taps Sudden Planar down 60cm on the interface between the storm snow and last weeks variable surfaces. Here we found it reacting on mixed forms of rounding facets.
Path 64.9 ran size 2 probably early this morning and terminated at least 300m above Duffey Lake Road and heard an avalanche at noon at Darkside lake.
Enjoy the snow!

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