Ski Conditions

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Duffey Lake Road

Rohr Ridge

Ski Conditions

Headed up Rohr ridge under clear skies today. Below treeline it is still 'heads up' travel with many hidden hazards but has become more manageable since last week.

Cold temperatures prevailed but we kept warm in the sun and the inverted temperatures as we skinned higher. The sun had enough punch to initiate isolated tree bombs, snowballing and loose sluffs out of very steep solar terrain. Ridgetop winds remained light out of the north and -11 at 2100m.

Dug a pit at 1880m on a SSW aspect, snowpack was 140cm. 1-2mm surface hoar growing on all aspects. Surface hoar 2-4mm is down 36cm producing sudden planar results. Below this, a well consolidated snowpack. The crust is down 100cm with no results.

Isolated areas on N aspects are showing evidence of past wind effect with soft slab and hard slab 20-30cm beginning to facet.

Enjoy the great skiing!

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