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Duffey Conditions: Rohr Lake

Rohr Lake- Duffey Lake Road

Ski Conditions

Spent 3 days (Dec 13-15) camped below Rohr Lake. Conditions varied widely.

Surface facetting made for decent skiing in sheltered troughs and shaded low lying areas which exceeded expectations. Most other surfaces had been affected by warm temperatures and included breakable crust or windpressed.

Evidence of one isolated size 2-2.5 on a SE aspect near Cayoosh that might have occurred in the warming temperatures down ~30-45 on the late November Crust. No other signs of instability.

Snowpack for us ranged from 1.5 at treeline and up to 2.5 meters in sheltered alpine areas.

No test results. Heavily consolidated and hard snowpack. In 1.5m test pits, the late November crust was buried down ~35cm with the Halloween crust down ~65cm.

A few new centimeters of new snow the morning of the 15th and more falling as we were leaving the mountains. The bond to the old surfaces will remain questionable and surface instabilities may be the reigning concern in future days.

Attached are some photos of the surrounding area.

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