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Duffey Conditions

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Ski Conditions

I went out for a ski on the Duffey today and got some beta. Early season conditions prevail. Approaches and forested terrain remain challenging below treeline. At treeline and above, coverage is decent but underlying features have yet to be smoothed over resulting in 'playful' skiing on normally smooth slopes. No glacier travel today, but I would approach them with caution and preparation. 15cm of low density snow overlies a layer of surface hoar size 2-3mm at 1930m NW aspect. No results yet on this layer as there is not enough load or cohesion above. Below this, the snowpack resistances increase gradually to the crust down 100cm. No results on the crust as the bond appears to be good. Height of snow is 150cm.
We had broken skies, no precip no wind and it was -5.0 at treeline. Ski pen was 25cm and foot pen was 65cm.
No new slab avalanches observed, just small isolated natural loose sluffs out of steep terrain.
Enjoy the snow!

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