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The Dome (North Facing Terrain)

Shames Mountain Backcountry

Ski Conditions

Hey Gang,

Went out for a look at conditions up at Shames Mountain to see if getting into the backcountry was at all possible. Starting from the parking lot adjacent to the day lodge, we had skis on our packs and hiked up to around Tower 8 of the chair. From there, some sporty skinning was encountered as we made our way to the top of the t-bar.

From the top of the t-bar, snow heights ranged from 80-130cm (pending aspect and elevation). We did a few north facing laps near "The Dome" and found excellent skiing.

A snow profile at 1100m on a north aspect revealed 110cm with no results. Overall the snowpack is moist at ground with a mix of crust/moist layers which gets drier and cooler as you get up to the snow surface. Ski penetration was between 20-40cm today. We skied slopes up to 38 degrees with no real results and minimal sluffing. Temperature stayed at the -4 mark all day with light south west winds.

Overall a great day and good start but still lots of early season hazards out there! Everything from open water to big nasty rocks! It's good up high but take it easy down low.


Cam McLellan
ACMG Ski Guide/Assistant Hiking Guide

Laura Kroesen
ACMG Assistant Hiking Guide

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