Avalanche Conditions

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Avalanche Conditions

I am posting this on behalf of Joey Vosburgh ACMG Ski Guide, who wrote this summary on Facebook yesterday.

"What's next after a prolonged period of no snow and high pressure?


AKA; Facets on N and shady aspects, Surface Hoar in protected areas, crusts on solar aspects, hard wind slabs in exposed TL/ALP and old avalanche bed surfaces.

With this approaching storm they get inevitably buried.

These interfaces all need consideration and should be approached cautiously with an assessment mindset.
#avalanchecanada #surfacehoar #facets #reloadedbedsurface #windslab"

By the way it has now been snowing in Revelstoke since Saturday afternoon - in town there is approximately 20cm accumulated already and it is dumping potato size snowflakes as I type. Looks like less in the Pass but this system will last overnight and into tomorrow so unsure how much it will end up accumulating.

Scott Davis ACMG Mountain Guide
images are courtesy of Joey

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