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Decent thinnish ice

Rockies, Ranger Creek, Lone Ranger

Climbing Conditions

A pleasant day in Ranger Creek yesterday, November 10th. Great trails leading to R&D, Chalice and the Blade and Lone Ranger. We found dry ice on Lone Ranger. Overall the climb is on the thin side and a challenge at its grade right now. I had 4 yellow screws and would have been happier with 2 more and 2 less blue screws. Should have had a couple of red "stubbies" too. Five Abalakov anchors en route in the last 30 metres.

Nice and calm yesterday with little snow being moved around. No evidence of avalanches in the last wee bit, a week or more? Some cornices on the summit ridge line.

Great to see that Environment Canada's Nakiska Ridgetop weather station is reporting the past 24 hour readings ( as well as the next 24 hourly forecast. Here's hoping that it continues throughout the winter!

Happy trails,

Barry Blanchard
Mountain Guide

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