Trail Conditions

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David Thompson Country Nordegg Area

Early winter conditions

Trail Conditions

An Apprentice Hiking Guide exam traveled and explored the area in, around and west of Nordegg from September 26th to October 3rd.
We experienced cold winter like conditions as the up-slope storm affected the region throughout this period. Total snowfall amounts ranged from 15-20cm at valley bottom to near 40cm on Coliseum peak by September 30th.
The 2 O’clock creek area was unique as it remained dry to about 1600m.
The group went backpacking into the Cline river, up to Landslide lake and came out over Wildhorse pass. The trail was difficult to find in places up in the alpine due to snow cover.
The snowpack settled out in the latter part of the week with ~5-10cm at the Landslide lake camp with ~20cm of wind deposited snow in the alpine. Temperatures ranged from -6 many mornings, to a max of +5.
Conditions were still below threshold for avalanches but some sluffs were noted in steep alpine features to size 1.

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