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Catamount Glacier

Ski Conditions

I sled accessed Forster Creek and the approach to the Catamount Glacier on Sunday 13 Nov 2022 with friends. At valley bottom, there was up to a metre of snow. Plenty of wind effect above treeline has redistributed the snow pack, creating wind slabs and even some sastrugi. We did not ride down to the Catamount Glacier as there were numerous holes visible and the surface was clearly wind hammered. We found reasonable turns down one of the north aspect gullies, although the snowboarder had more fun than the skiers.

Sledders have been highmarking the slopes east of the Dave White hut with no avalanche activity. There was evidence of a loose dry cycle to sz1.5 during the storm that deposited the current snowpack. The wind slabs were bonding well in the zone that we skied. Surface hoar is growing up to 20mm below treeline. Facets growing in the boulder fields in shallow zones.

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