Climbing Conditions

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Rockies, Mt. Victoria/Abbott Pass

Climbing Conditions

Just back from 2 nights at Abbott Pass. Trail to the hut is in relatively good condition and the scree down the middle of the gully is as good as it has been in years for descent. Still lots of people lost in lousy places on the approach and one person wandering up Lefroy in running shoes this morning!!! The worst idea I have seen in awhile!

Great conditions on the South ridge of Victoria right now. Good snow on tuesday where it still exists and dry rock for most of the way. As good as it gets.

Lefroy is another matter. The snow is melting off the face so there is some bare ice and exposed rock steps on the normal route and LOTS of rock exposed on the face around the gully. Rock barrages started on monday afternoon in a thunder and intense rain storm. Saw a couple of BIG blocks rattle down during the storm and that was not pretty or survivable. Lefroy looked frozen in place this morning but I didn't want to test that theory as it was warm out of the wind and the first bit of sun may have tipped that balance towards more rockfall.

Great conditions in lots of places right now so use your head and avoid the scary places!!

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