Ski Conditions

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Crusts And New Snow

Duffey Lake Area

Ski Conditions

We encountered variable conditions depending on aspect and elevation today on the Duffey. 5cm today, now up to 17cm, new snow with light to no wind on the 171214 interface. On polar aspects this interface is a barely perceptible and thin crust as most of it has faceted, and on solar aspects it is a mostly supportive crust with 2mm facets above. 10-20cm over 171126 crust. The top half(7cm) of the 171123 crust has faceted and we had hard, sudden collapse results on this interface.
Polar aspects are skiing great on open slopes down to at least 1600m with 20cm ski penetration. The new snow was sluffing dry and easily on the crust in steep terrain on solar aspects in reaction to skier input. Anything under a tree canopy is variably unpleasant as the the picture can attest to.

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