Avalanche Conditions

Crowfoot Glades - ski and avalanche conditions

Crowfoot Glades, icefields parkway

Avalanche Conditions

Visited Crowfoot Glades today in mild temps and variable visibility with Albi Sole and an ACC AST2 course. Some isolated , minor cracking on the flats on approach. Little wind affect at treeline here. A soft buried slab sits on slightly softer facets (likely dec 15) down 45cm at treeline, giving hard, resistant shears during hasty tests (and stubborn, sluggish cracking when jumping on unsupported sharp rolls). Settled mid-boot deep powder providing good skiing if you can avoid the obvious, highly tracked slopes. Only a few cm of new snow in flurries. Light southerlies at valley floor; but regular spindrift avalanches off the surrounding cliffs and extreme, north facing alpine terrain around Crowfoot glacier, indicating the wind was moving snow around at higher elevations. Notably, we saw a size 2 avalanche (probably windslab) run from near ridetop in extreme cliffs terrain , over Crowfoot falls, onto the valley bottom fans, followed later by a slightly smaller avalanche nearby.

Ruari Macfarlane

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