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Louise Falls

Climbing Conditions


Today I guided an ascent of Louise Falls. The route is in good condition and climbed true to the WI5 grade, with some delicate mushroom/fin climbing on the lower half of the crux pitch. Accessing the cave was not ideal as it was: 1) far off the nice climbing line, 2) threatened by overhanging daggers and 3) was dripping wet. Instead we linked pitch 2 & 3 in a large 70m pitch which brought us to the tier roughly 10m below the top of the route. (See the marked up photo for clarity).

Side note- Im not sure why the party below us decided not to wait the extra 1/2 hour till we were fully off the route, or why they decided to belay under the overhead daggers...

Have a great winter everyone!

Patrick Lindsay
Ridgeline Guiding Services
ACMG- Alpine Guide

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