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Conditions Summary - Duffey Lake Rd This week

Coast Mountains - Duffy Lake Rd.

Ski Conditions

Spent Sunday on Cayoosh, and Tuesday-Thursday near Darkside Lake East of the Van Horlick. On Cayoosh, we found good skiing on mellow North-facing glaciated terrain on Sunday before the new snow. Nothing amazing here, but good turns off the summit ridge, down the North Glacier, and Lower Million Dollar Couloir. Snow for the approach and exit was as you'd expect, refrozen in the morning and slop in the afternoon. Further East on Tuesday-Thursday we found great skiing with the recent snow on North aspects above 1900m, and decent skiing below.

Tuesday was snowy, with new snow on the road around Cayoosh Summit but none beyond the Cerise Cr parking lot. After some breaks in the morning, snow intensified in the afternoon and left a bit more overnight. Maybe 10cms at Darkside Lk by Wednesday. We skied treeline North-facing and could tell the difference between North and NW slopes (more or less crust below), West was totally out.

Wednesday and Thursday we skied North and NE facing slopes off of 'Pk 2318' from 2300-1700m. Skiing was great above 1900m, I'd even say boot top in places. Wednesday morning was stormy enough that we didn't mind touring under some West faces that had gone size 2+ in several places during the earlier major warm up, but by afternoon the clouds had thinned and we were avoiding them. Thursday started clear in the area so we avoided the solar slopes all day.

Snowpack is a mix over such a large area but had some common elements. New snow, enough to create some small loose wet slides. We saw minimal wind transport of this new snow despite moderate SW and then E winds. An old surface is below the new snow.. in some places a solid crust, others a breakable crust, others firm snow, and others preserved low density or facets. Below that.. FACETS. Lots and lots of facets. At least 50cms of them below the recently burried surface. Only major activity we saw was old loose wets on solar slopes but the extent of the facets in the snowpack is ominous. We skied some steeper runs but stayed in well supported, non-solar, non-wind-loaded terrain. And we liked it.

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