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Whistler & Duffey Lake Zones

Ski Conditions

Thompson Rivers University - Canadian Mountain and Ski Guide Program

Guide Training Skiing - Touring Feb 11-16

We skied Blackcomb/ Whistler Backcountry and one day up the Duffey. Specifically, we skied around Decker, Spearhead Glacier, Musical Bumps, Disease Ridge and Cayoosh in the Duffey. Notable observation around Blackcomb/ Whistler from earlier in the week:
- Detached cornice at the top entrance of Ninth Hole (Mt Decker)
- Significant cornice development
- Solar input creating breakable crust on south aspects supportive below 1700m
- Ski quality not ideal below treeline
- No reactivity seen on the Jan 6th melt freeze crust
- Strong winds from variable directions creating ridgetop windslabs.

Significant observations from Duffey/Cayoosh:
- Witnessed numerous loose dry size 1-2 on most aspects in extreme terrain
- Moderate to strong winds from North
- Significant cornice growth
- Heavy cross loading on East aspects
- Good quality skiing until 1750
- Steep terrain below 1750 sluffing running fast.

See attached photo of Cayoosh North Glacier

Marc Piché
ACMG Mountain Guide

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