Climbing Conditions

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Cold and Icy

Tupper West Ridge

Climbing Conditions

We climbed the west ridge of Tupper in cold and icy conditions today.
Snowline: Snow starts just below the campsite
Campsite: Only the top 2 bear boxes are visible along with the toiler. No tent platforms are visible. There is water running and easy to get to.
Travel: A good overnight freeze made for fast travel on snow up to the ridge. Crampons and an axe were not needed but made is simple and straightforward. Once on the ridge we encountered a fair amount of ice and snow from a couple days ago. This mostly just slowed us down a little bit. Overall the climbing was still fun and reasonable.
Of note: The West Faces are holding more recent snow than the norths. Sir Donald is looking very wintery. The Herdman is missing some snow coverage which will likely make the use of this couloir a bit more tedious.

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