Ski Conditions

Coast Range - Anniversary Glacier, Keith's Hut area

Anniversary Glacier/Cerise Creek

Ski Conditions

Had a day trip out to the Anniversary Glacier zone via Cerise Creek. By the road a few cm's of fresh cover over the luge track in and out but overall in good condition. As you went higher new snow (coastal cold smoke!) tallied 20cms which was over the top of 10-15cms of old soft snow. Below 1900m you can certainly feel the mid-Feb crust, but above that you only felt a soft bottom. Winds were MOD to STRONG out of the SW and effecting exposed areas greatly, but sheltered east aspects provided quality skiing. We were able to make it to the Joffree-Matier col where the winds then kicked in big time. We did not witness any new avalanche activity but heavily suspected fresh new wind slabs in exposed ALP and TL locations. Snow pit tests in sheltered locations at 2000m revealed moderate resistant planar shears down ~40cms.

Keith's Hut wasn't too busy, a few parties there and I had a quick glance to check on things. Overall in good shape but the firewood supply will be gone in a very short time, maybe the week? The Woodshed is empty, and just a row of logs inside.

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