Ski Conditions

Ski Conditions

Here is a brief summary from 3 trips in the last week. This latest warm storm will change things a bit, but this may give a good baseline for some adventures

Oct 30 - Brandywine Mountain. No fewer than 50 people out on this nice weather day. Snow free driving to the parking lot, easiest to walk on the summer trail to the meadows, and at about 1600m the snow is deep enough for skiing/skinning. By 1900m it was a consistent 180cm+. No significant avalanche activity observed, other than loose wet from the steep, dark rocks.

Nov 1 - Metal Dome. Snow free drive to sledder hut, easy walking to 1500m where skis/skins were put on. 30cms of supportive snow for skiing in and out on, but only because of the cut access trail. Again by 1700m conditions improve dramatically and as you go higher they get better and better, if you can see anything. Poor visibility and storm conditions led to white out nav to the summit, and conservative skiing out. But that didn't stop the 15 people or so who were out that day.

Nov 4 - Caboose Mountain, Hurley Pass. Snow starts on the Hurley at 1300m/Railroad Pass, but is still driveable with 4wd. Dropping down the other side it quickly got snow free again. Heinous travel up the Sephamore lakes trail for 2km to get to 1700m, with breakable crust/isothermal shallow snowpack. Above that conditions improved, and at about 1900m it turned to a more winter like snowpack, but still supportable travel. Numerous natural avalanches observed in the size 1 to 2.5 range from the previous night storm in the 20-30cms deep range. On the Train glacier there were only a few sags/spots of bare ice visible, with obvious wind effect on the snow surface. Constant probing revealed a consistent 180-220cm snow pack, and only one crevasse probed at the toe of the glacier. Enjoyable, supported skiing on the glacier from 2400m down to 2000m and spring like below that back down to the Sephamore Lakes. We boot packed out on the summer trail as well. No people out in this zone, which was a nice break after the throngs on Brandywine and Metal Dome.

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