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Cirque Peak

Cirque Peak, Banff National Park

Ski Conditions

Did a nice tour up to Helen Lake, over Cirque Peak to the Cirque Glacier, and back around to Kathryn Lake with friends today. Travel was fast and the skiing was good on all but steeper South aspects where a temperature crust was present.

A few solar triggered avalanches up to size 1.5 observed out of steep rocky terrain starting around noon but the snow stayed quite cool all day. Recent debris from Dolomite Peak hit the uptrack on the way to Helen Lake, and there were many recent slides up to size 3 on the deep persistent layers along Helen Ridge and the backside of Cirque Peak. Lots of whumphing while travelling in thin snow pack areas. We minimized overhead hazard and avoided steep terrain with the exception of the coulior descent on the North side of Cirque Peak.

A 40m lower from a slung block gets you past the rocks in the North Couloir on Cirque Peak. An ice axe was handy for the last person down climbing to this point, boot crampons could be considered but were not needed today. The Cirque Glacier had been hit by the wind but was still soft enough to enjoy the skiing. One large open crevasse in the upper Cirque Glacier which was easily avoided.

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