Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

One of today’s objective was to validate the reported persistent and deep persistent layers in terrain locations that have shallower snowpacks such as near ridge crests.

I did a profile on a north aspect at 1760 m elevation just below ridge crest. Slope angle 32 degrees.

The height of snow was 90 cm compared to 140 cm slightly lower on the slope.

The structure of the snowpack was about 30 cm fist hard over 20 cm four finger over 20 cm 1 finger over 20 cm fist hard basal facets.

The Christmas facet/surface hoar layer was clearly visible down 32 cm from the snow surface.
Test results:

Shovel tilt easy down 30.
Compression Test Moderate 12th tap down 30 on Christmas facets/ surface hot, sudden planer. (CTM12SP down 30 on SH/FC 211224).
CTH 22 sudden collapse down 70 on large basal facets.
Extended column test 26 taps propagation down 70 on basal facets, (ECTP 26). Had the mid pack been firmer I pretty sure the failure would have been easier.

These test results fully validate what AvCan has been reporting for weeks now.

Ski quality was actually pretty good above 1500 m with fast boot top powder on wind sheltered aspects. We avoided steep unsupported terrain particularly where the snowpack was shallow. Below treeline is somewhat crunchy under 15 cm recent new snow.

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