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Castleguard Meadows

Saskatchewan Glacier, Castleguard Glaciers

Ski Conditions

I skied the Saskatchewan Glacier to Castleguard Meadows this past weekend. An attempt on Castleguard Mountain was aborted Saturday because of white out conditions above 2700m. We skied the broad north slope on the sub peak east of Castleguard and enjoyed some great turns! We were able to access Castleguard Meadows via a break in the lateral moraines (11U 487100mE 5775900mN).

The following conditions were observed:
There is minimal snow coverage on the morainal flats before the toe of the Saskatchewan Glacier;
Below 2200m, there is less than 50cm of snow on the Saskatchewan Glacier;
There is more than 2m of snow on the Castleguard Glaciers (2500-2700m);
25cm of new storm snow is bonding well to a temperature crust on the north and east aspects we skied.

Brent Peters
Alpine/Apprentice Ski Guide

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