Climbing Conditions

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Climbing Conditions

I climbed Cascade Waterfall yesterday 2019 12 03.

The climb is in good early season condition. The recent cold snap has pushed fresh water to the surface of the climb and the upper pitches have been freshly flooded. I found good screws throughout the upper pitches anywhere desired, including the crux (the narrows).

Yesterday, there was very little snow in both the Rogan's bowl and Cascade bowl. There was also no visible snow transport at ridge top. Winds were gusting to strong. We carried avalanche gear over the climb and walked off midday. Snow on the descent was just moist enough to ball up under crampons in the early afternoon, in spite of mostly overcast sky.

Today, there was 10-15cm of new snow (ROCKIES POW DAY) at Mount Norquay with light to moderate westerlies. I would expect wind slab develop in the bowls above Rogan's, Cascade, and Urs Hole.

Brent Peters
Mountain Guide

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