Avalanche Conditions

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Careful terrain selection

Red Mtn. Cabin Area, Penny BC.

Avalanche Conditions

We have been up here at Red Cabin area since the 22nd on an AST2 course.
About 30-40 cm new snow in the couple days prior to our arrival. Then 15 cm nightly with significant west wind on the 24th.

Visibility limited, but a few breaks allowed us see several alpine start zones. We noticed one recent size 2 on the 24th on a steep NE alpine feature above Red Lake.

We experience a few whumps on ridge tops. Digging down revealed failure in facets under a thin crust.

We sawed off a small cornice on a steep N aspect start zone on the 23rd which triggered a size 2.5 wind slab with a crown of about 60 cm that propagated about 200m around the bowl.

Instability tests produced mostly moderate failures in the recent HST down 30-40 cm. Typical height of snow at treeline is about 170 cm. In shallower areas near ridge top with an HS of 125 cm we had a few ECTP in the hard range down 50-60 cm on a thin crust/facet combination and one ECTP down 85 on basal facets.

We have been carefully managing the terrain, staying in simple and challenging terrain. We are not skiing any large alpine slopes steeper than 30 degrees. We are not skiing any unsupported terrain. Tree skiing is great, we are wary of storm slabs in larger openings.

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