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Canmore and Highwood Pass Hiking conditons

Canmore, spray lakes, highwood pass

Trail Conditions

An ACMG Assistant Hiking Guide course spent the last week hiking and trekking in the Spray Lakes, Bow Valley Corridor, and in the Highwood Pass area.
We found excellent Hiking conditions at Tent Ridge, Mt Buller, and in the Mist Mountain area. Smoky skies and hot weather prevailed through much of the period with some clearer skies starting on the weekend.

Our 3 day back packing trip started near Mist Mountain, traversed Nameless ridge and descended east from the Mist Mt col into the main drainage. Groups continued north and south over Mist ridge, but due to strong winds some groups dropped into the drainage east and north of the South Misty Ridge summit, entering the drainage to camp at an old Horse camp north of the Picklejar lakes trail.
Water was still present in all of the drainages, which was of note after such a dry summer. Groups continued south to connect above the Picklejar connector trail, visiting the first lake and then regaining the trail to the highway.
We noted some relatively fresh bear diggings at the col on Mist Mountain, some signs of moose, but no other sightings of major wildlife.
Some hunters are starting to get out so be noisy and visible. The larches are starting to change color, fireweed is quickly changing, and after today's rain, and dusting of new snow near treeline in Canmore, autumn has surely arrived.

Helen Sovdat MG
Peter Amann MG
Felix Camire SG HG

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