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Bugaboo Alpine Conditions

Bugaboo Provincial Park

Climbing Conditions

Here is a report from my SAR team today:

With folks out and about enjoying our beautiful valley we usually see an uptick in call volume at this time of year; this week was no exception with three calls in four days.
The first was a rope rescue of two subjects stuck in steep terrain near Radium.
The second was for boaters in distress on Columbia Lake which CVSAR responded to but was stood down before arriving on scene.
The third call was for an injured hiker in Bugaboo Provincial Park this morning. A team of rescuers responded, packaged and transported the subject to an awaiting ambulance. While in the area our rescuers noted recent conditions. Read below for a conditions report for the Bugaboo area (see photo):

“With the cooler spring temperatures we’ve experienced this year, there is still up to a meter of snow in the alpine. This can present poor travel conditions in the afternoon or periods of warm weather when the snowpack becomes unsupportive to foot traffic. With many areas holding onto snow the risk of avalanches is still present as well.” -CVSAR Rescuer

Also watch for crevasses starting to open up, and increased potential for rockfall with the warm weather.

Jordy Shepherd
ACMG / IFMGA Mountain Guide
CVSAR Member

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