Ski Conditions

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Bow Hut / Ferris approach

Bow hut approach

Ski Conditions

Decided to Recce the approach to Bow hut and try looking at the Ferris Glacier area on February 3. As expected after our recent warm temperatures, conditions were rugged. Walking across the lake was reasonable and frozen slush was visible everywhere, but hieroglyph ski tracks paved the way. Of note, the canyon was full of Avalanche debris, reminding us of the danger that exists during high hazard. Travel was possible over the debris and many open pools of water still exist.
We reached a max elevation of 2350m topping out above the trees below the Ferris glacier. Low visibility did not afford a view of the Glacier unfortunately. However, the snowpack was thin overall with exposed rocks in the moraines. HS was less than 1 m with a mostly supportive melt freeze crust on the surface.
Looking towards the Bow hut, many shrubs and rocks still visible in the valley before you ascend to the hut, travel still possible.

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