Avalanche Conditions

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Avalanche Conditions

I spent from June 29th to July 2nd in the Bow hut area. Our group climbed Mt Olive on June 30th and Mt Gordon on July 1st. In general it seems there is more snow on the glacier than other recent years at this same time period.
Of note is the slab that has recently released on Mt Olive (last week or so?). The large deposit at the base of the Bow hut headwall from last winter, still allows easy access across the streams.

It seems that the slopes just above the hut seem steeper every year. The skiers right side above hut seems quite steep. The continual recession is obvious even with the present amount of snow coverage. We did quite a bit of micro terrain management trying to avoid the steeper sections as it seems it has been a while since there has been a freeze. Though we did go around the left hand side of St Nicholas, we gave the slopes above a wide berth as there were many glide cracks visible.

The travel was generally good with boot top penetration at most, except for a few swampy areas near the Onion skin that were deeper.

Peter Amann
Mountain Guide

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