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Bonney traverse

Bonney Traverse

Ski Conditions

Hey guys.
Jacob and I took advantage of the good weather and stability to do the Bonney traverse over the 21st and 22nd.

Route: We started up the Asulkan and finished the original exit out to flat creek.

On all gaciers travelled we probed 3+ meters and very dense snowpack overall.
Glaciers have good coverage and glacier travel overall was straight forward.

Cornices are large. On the ascent up the S face of Swanzy we choose the most conservative route far climbers right to minimize time under very large cornices. We noted 1 large size 2.5 windslab from a cornice release off the East side of bonney.
Tempratures Ranged from -20 on the morning of the 22nd to well above
zero in the afternoon in valley bottom.

Ski quality was very good overall with minimal wind effect.
Have a great weekend!

Darren Vonk Alpine guide
Jacob Dans Apprentice Alpine guide

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