Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

Skied near Blowdown peak today and got up to 2000m under deep, slightly upside down trailbreaking conditions with ski pen being 30-40cm and foot pen 80cm. Sheltered areas are skiing well regardless although the forests have been treebombed. We had broken skies with increasing cloud in the afternoon, light to moderate NE winds at -7.
50-80cm sits on cold previous surface with minor density changes. In exposed areas there is a 30-40cm windslab creating punchy, upside down, variable conditions. Sheltered areas are also slightly upside down. We experienced isolated settlements below treeline and at treeline. The February 8 interface is down 50-80cm and February 3 is down 90-110cm.
Testpit at 1930m on a NW aspect with a snow depth of 280cm produced moderate resistant planar and sudden collapse windslab results down 30-40cm and moderate to hard resistant planar results on the February 8 storm interface down 80cm.
There was evidence of the storm avalanche cycle to size 2.5 but no new avalanches observed.
Primary concerns are storm slab and wind slab triggering potential possible to likely up to size 2.5. There is also a small possibility for an avalanche to step down to the December or November layers in shallower faceted features.

Have fun out there!

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