Climbing Conditions

Big snow country

Evan Thomas Creek-Kananskis Country

Climbing Conditions

Quiet day in Evan Thomas Creek. We climbed Moonlight and Snowline. Both in good shape but Snowline is thin for the first 10m or so then stubbies for a bit then it is fat.

Of interest, there were very big debris cones at the base of the routes and we watched 3 other power sloughs come down those routes. These were big enough to knock a climber off if they were in precarious balance. Twice I placed a screw as I entered low angle terrain with 30-60cm snow on top of ice. The screw was to keep the fall short if the little slopes avalanched. These routes are certainly "mostly" simple terrain but still deserve respect with unusual snowfall amounts like these.

Happy Holidays Y'all
Larry Stanier

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