Avalanche Conditions

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Beware the Ides of March

Chickadee Valley, Kootenay National Park

Avalanche Conditions

Today temperatures climbed from mid-winter cold (-22 at 9 am) to early spring in the space of a few hours - particularly on steep solar aspects where the mercury broke 0C.

We skiied a south facing slide path off Boom Mtn in the morning, then ran away to the shady (Whymper) side of the valley once the temps heated up.

Sometime between 14-16:00, three loose dry 1-1.5 and one 2.5 slab released from steep terrain just below ridge top off Boom (SW aspect). The debris ran over several of today's ski tracks. From the valley bottom thankfully we couldn't see any signs of skier involvement.

It's the time of year when the sun suddenly gains much more strength throwing the snowpack into rapid change. Time to put the spring hat on, even if the morning air temps are cold.

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