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Basal Facets

Camp3 (A few kms S of weeping wall (W side)

Ski Conditions

This is just a heads up if your wondering about the snow pack on the Icefields Parkway.

The ski quality has been fantastic but...

There is a Basal Facet issue to be aware of in the North reaches of BNP and Surrounding area of JNP. Numerous pits have been dug in the region this week from various locations by VS JNP. Sudden Planar Basal weakness results on the ground have been observed in numerous pits at and around Tree Line.

The basal issue is widespread at all elevations. Mainly around rocks and small trees where the snow pack is shallow and Uninsulated. Pretty much the whole snowpack has this weakness.

Any large, steep, start zone at tree line and in the alpine should be considered suspect. We saw numerous Natural avalanches to size 2 today in mod-steeper craggy terrain below tree line from the past 24 hours. Also have been generally spooked to step out into anything with exposure.

The recent and continued prevailing moderate winds (W-SW) winds are an additional ripening to this Basal issue.

Beware and Happy New Year!

Jon Simms

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