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Banff Park, Noseeum Creek Ski Conditions

Ski Conditions Noseeum Creek

Ski Conditions

Today we skied up Noseeum Creek (across from Bow Peak on Highway 93N) on a Backcountry Access sponsored ski guide training day.

We had easy travel to the headwall. We built a good skin track up the steep, treed headwall, with the team digging out corners on the way up. There is a breakable suncrust on steep solar aspects below about 2200m.

Once we reached the alpine we practiced short roping. The winds were southwesterly and generally light.

We descended Noseeum Couloir. The couloir skied well, with minimal sluffing and good snow coverage.

No new avalanches were noted, and the snowpack was not reactive where we skied.

Jordy Shepherd
ACMG/ IFMGA Mountain Guide

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