Avalanche Conditions

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Avalanche observation from Kicking Horse

Purcells/Dogtooth Range/Rudy Ridge

Avalanche Conditions

Hight of snow at tree line 75cm.
Large snowpack collapses (whoomphs?) traveling 20m+ and shaking trees from 1800m to ridge top 2200m.
Pillow tests easily released full snow pack depth on sugary basal facets.
Large avalanche cycle past 24-72hrs
About 1/2 the alpine slopes over 37degrees had released to ground/facets on icy rock and shale.
Largest result was "main line" the big funnel facing NE low on Rudys ridge. Crown 50-80cm deep, 200m wide and 500m long, reaching the bottom of the fan and pushing into xmas trees. Also an avalanche on White Wall 200m plus wide. Just to note a few.
Trail breaking was upside down and challenging.
Ski quality was good only on low angle slopes with smooth ground cover.
Boulder fields and forest etc were un-skiable.

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