Ski Conditions

Avalanche obs and good ski quality

Rogers Pass / Dispatchers Bowl

Ski Conditions

Skied Dispatchers Bowl from 2300m.
AV obs: One avalanche sz 2-2.5 SW aspect avg 40cm deep, start zone obscured by clouds, suspect from 2700m-2200m, past 24hrs old. Numerous avalanche sz 1-1.5 from steep rocky SW aspect, initiated as loose dry some popping small slabs 20-40cm deep, past 24hrs, suspect yesterdays solar input as trigger.
One sz 2.5 natural cornice avalanche N aspect 2300-1900m down the centre of "Nikis Notch" past 12-48hrs old. Ran to top of runout.
No whoophing or cracking observed, ski penetration from 5-25cm, old wind slabs felt below new snow, thin sun crust on steep solar. We avoided steep solar aspects. Good ski quality and no tracks in the upper bowl. The day was calm, cold and overcast, skies were clearing by 3pm.

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