Trail Conditions

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Apprentice Hiking Guide Group-June 2-4th

Elbow River to Sheep River

Trail Conditions

The ACMG Apprentice Hiking guide group did a 3 day backpacking trip traversing from the Elbow River to the Sheep River June 2-4th.

We experienced variable trail conditions. Other than the established horse trails, trails noted on the Gem Trek map and other mapping sources were largely non existent.

We travelled at elevations ranging from 1600m-2200m. Temperatures ranged from -1 overnight to 16 degrees midday with generally overcast skies. All in all we noted that early spring conditions are lingering. There were snow patches up to knee deep in places on northerly aspects and flats above 2000m. The creeks and rivers had not come up yet and did not fluctuate much during the day which made river crossings easy. The growing season is also quite late and there were minimal alpine flowers. Ticks are a plenty!

Kirsten Knechtel- MG
Helen Sovdat- MG
Peter Oxtoby- HG
Laura Newsome- HG, VFG

Cameron Fenton
Nicolas Filiatrault
Santiago Filoso
James Glanvill
Laury Grenier
Brent Hillier
Sara Laing
Amy Liu
Duncan Maisels
Leah Standing
Corinna Strauss
Melanie Wiese

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