Climbing Conditions

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Climbing Conditions

Was in East Creek and Applebee over the over the weekend. Snow travel was very good and we did not use crampons on the Bugaboo-Snowpatch or Pigeon-Howser Cols. About 5-15cm boot pen through the weekend with only isolated punchyness in shallow areas. Sunday night saw a supportive freeze that carried well into the day Monday

Generally deep but fairly soft snowpack on the glaciers. Did find one small but very new crevasse about 200m down from the PH col on our way out of East Creek. About 250cm of snow there but the snowpack bridging it had been cleaved and the new bridge was just the recent snow.

Fortunately our intent wasn't to climb during the trip as it snowed on and off down to 2400m only improving on Sunday evening. Monday quite a few parties from Applebee Camp went off to climb on sunnier faces and I imagine they had good experiences, perhaps some wetness and seeping in places. From what I saw north faces, gullies, and ledges still held fair bits of snow but sunnier faces were snow free and/or clearing off Monday.

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