Ski Conditions

And Wolverine Bowl - Lake Louise

Chickadee Valley Kootenay Park

Ski Conditions

2017 – 03- 03
Chickadee Valley Ski Tour

We skied up the Chickadee Valley yesterday to the first avalanche path on the N side. Dug a pit, S aspect, 29 degree incline, sheltered area near the bottom of the path, 1900m. Average precip rate was S1 during our ski day. 105cm snowpack. Found a rain crust 25cm down with facets below the crust, and basal facets / depth hoar at about 90cm down.

CTM (16) PC down 25 (facets below the crust)

CTH (22) SC down 90 (depth hoar)

ECT = no results

Rutsch block = no results

We skied down on nice snow and then skied the opposite S side of the valley. We stayed low BTL lapping short open tree runs. We had one wumpf at the top of a steep treed slope but no activity. Hit some pillows and headed home. The S side of the valley had deeper powder, 35-40cm.

Another TRU group skied in the Lake Louise Resort backcountry (Wolverine Bowl - The Tylenols) and had a small size 1 skier accidental avalanche of no consequence, on a wind affected roll.

Strong winds and the new snow were rapidly loading the start zones, with the avalanche danger rising through the day as forecast.

Good day for the last day of the TRU Ski Tour 3 Course!

Jordy Shepherd MG
Shaun King MG
Deryl Kelly SG / AAG

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