Climbing Conditions

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Climbing Conditions

For the eager alpinist looking to stretch their legs in Glacier National, you should be forewarned there is a lot of snow kicking around the mountains here. An illuminating example is the Fidelity weather station, where there is a settled 270cm of snow!! The average height of snow at this station for this date is 140cm.

The W Ridge of Tupper, normally one of the first routes to melt out, is still corniced and rimed in its upper half. Needless to say, most trails are still snowbound from the valley bottom, or within several hundred metres from leaving your vehicle.

On the plus side, our glaciers are getting a well-needed recharge after being hammered hard the last couple of summers!

Enjoy the moist month of monsoon June.

Chris Gooliaff
Glacier National Park Visitor Safety
ACMG Mountain Guide

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